► Adios Rémy Metailler!


Rémy Metailler and Commencal Bicycles part ways after 3 great years with the COMMENCAL family.  Where will he go next mtb season? Stay tuned!

When I got in touch with Commencal end of 2013, I was not a pro, not many people knew me. I had not really traveled or do anything crazy, I was just having fun on a bike. When we signed a one year contract back then, I had no idea what the brand would actually bring me and where it would take me but Max and Yannick trusted me. At the time I was just a kid stoked to get some support to do what I loved the most. It has been 3 years absolutely unbelievable. I have learnt so much, grew up a tonne personally, professionally and keep such great memories of our relationship. Thank you for everything you have done for me Commencal, good luck for the future plans and see you on the trails.” – CREDIT: Remy Metailler

Video by Commencal Bicycles

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