Category: Action Cam

 VIDEO  DANNY HART – Winter Sun in Lousa, Portugal
• DATE: 04/12/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
CREDIT: Danny Hart Take a run down the World Cup track here in Lousa. I have come out here because the weather back home was really starting to do my head right in. So I came and joined Brett Wheeler of Wheelers MTB Holidays. I have been riding my Saracen...
 VIDEO  Remy Metailler attacks the King Kong Trail in Utah !
• DATE: 19/11/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Take a fast lap with Remy Metailler on the most famous trail¬† in Utah, United States! “Everyone knows King Kong right ? So here is a top to bottom. It’s a challenging trail and I can’t wait to come back to ride it more and learn it more. But if...
 VIDEO  DON’T LOOK DOWN – Portal Trail – Moab, Utah
• DATE: 12/11/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Is this one of the most dangerous mtb trails in the world?? Take a lap down the Portal Trail in Moab, Utah – United States! CREDIT:¬†Trail Peek DON’T LOOK DOWN – Portal Trail – Moab, Utah ultima modifica: 2018-11-12T22:08:32+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  Blue Velvet // Whistler Mountain Bike Park
• DATE: 04/11/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
“Everything’s bigger on Blue Velvet. One of my favourite trails at Whistler Bike Park is this sweet blue flow trail up in the Garbanzo Zone. It gives you a taste of everything you’d hope to ride while in BC like fast flowy berms, jumps, rock faces and woodwork, all without...
 VIDEO  Vincent Tupin rides the King Kong Trail, Utah!
• DATE: 31/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam, Downhill/Freeride
Take an insane run with Vincent Tupin! He rides down one of the most extreme lines in the world: The King Kong trail in Virgin, Utah – United States! Do you like this amazing trail ? Share this video with your friends and leave a comment below! CREDIT: Vincent Tupin...
 VIDEO  Dan Atherton rides a rocky trail in Wales | GoPro HERO 7 Black
• DATE: 19/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Dan Atherton rides an awesome rocky trail in Wales. amazing action cam video 100% filmed on GoPro Hero 7. What do you think about the new GoPro Hero 7 action cam? Leave a comment below! CREDIT: GoPro Dan Atherton rides a rocky trail in Wales | GoPro HERO 7 Black...
 VIDEO  Tyler McCaul rips down the KING KONG Trail, Utah!
• DATE: 13/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Tyler McCaul is one of the best freeride mountain bikers in the world! He rides down the King Kong trail in Utah, United States! Watch and share his amazing helmet cam video! CREDIT: OfficialLeatt Tyler McCaul rips down the KING KONG Trail, Utah! ultima modifica: 2018-10-13T17:10:13+00:00 da Andrea...
• DATE: 12/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Freeride Madeira and Loic Bruni collaborated on this custom track, high above the capital of Funchal in a once restricted National Park… Now open to the public you too can pretend to be Bruni whilst you slap and scrub your way through the berms and jumps littered down the mountain!...