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 VIDEO  Warning! This is NOT Enduro.
• DATE: 28/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Take a fast downhill run in one of the most famous bike park of Europe: Bad Wildbad, Germany! What do you think about this extreme downhill track? Check out and share this awesome helmet cam video! Credit: Symphytum Warning! This is NOT Enduro. ultima modifica: 2017-03-28T20:35:56+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  Cypress Downhill with Remy Metailler, Forrest Riesco & Kirk McDowall
• DATE: 27/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Take an insane downhill run in the wet mtb trails of Vancouver Island with Remy Metailler, Forrest Riesco and Kirk McDowall. Do you like this amazing downhill track? Check out and leave a comment below! CREDIT: Remy Metailler Cypress Downhill with Remy Metailler, Forrest Riesco & Kirk McDowall ultima modifica: 2017-03-27T01:24:24+00:00...
 VIDEO  Fabien Cousinié | EnduroWorldSeries #1 – Rotorua | Track Preview
• DATE: 25/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Crankworx Rotorua is officially kicking off tomorrow with the first round of the Enduro World Series. Fabien Cousinié is here showing you all the slippery stages of the New Zealand jungle! What do you think about the amazing mtb track of EWS Round #1?? Leave a comment below! CREDIT: UR Team...
 VIDEO  Remy Metailler: King Kong Trail GoPro POV
• DATE: 22/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Remy Metailler rides one of the most extreme mtb trails in the world: King Kong Trail in Utah, United States! Watch his awesome gopro run aboard his new Cube Stereo 160 Carbon. Remy Metailler is one of the most active mtb riders in the world. Follow and support his social media accounts...
 VIDEO  Aaron Gwin’s amazing GoPro Run in Fontana, USA!
• DATE: 20/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam, DH Races
Aaron Gwin is not human! Check out the telemetry of his fast race run filmed on GoPro Hero 5 in the extreme downhill track of Fontana, California – United States! Is Aaron Gwin ready for UCI World Cup 2017? Leave a comment below! Credit: Aaron Gwin Aaron Gwin’s amazing GoPro...
 VIDEO  UR TEAM – Scenic Queenstown’s Ridge
• DATE: 18/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Kenta Gallagher and Fabien Cousinié went on a little mission above Skyline Mountain Biking and found this gnarly ridge! Watch them ride down this single track with epic views on Queenstown. Do you like this awesome mtb trail in New Zealand? Leave a comment below and share it on Facebook,...
 VIDEO  Gaëtan Rey’s GoPro POV – Dorenaz Bikepark, Switzerland
• DATE: 14/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Gaëtan Rey rips down one of the gnarliest downhill tracks of Dorénaz Bikepark in Switzerland! It’s steep, technical, rocky and really fast. Take a run down onboard with Gaëtan Rey and share this awesome video on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp! CREDIT: Shaperideshoot TV Gaëtan Rey’s GoPro POV – Dorenaz Bikepark, Switzerland ultima modifica: 2017-03-14T12:03:54+00:00...
 VIDEO  Gee Atherton shreds the Crestline trail, California!
• DATE: 03/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Gee Atherton tears up the Crestline trail with GoPro Telemetry tracking every extra MPH When the Athertons rode the Crestline trail in rural California the stoke was high and the laps getting faster with each siblings run. Full Telemetry monitoring Gee’s speed on every section of the track with speedometer,...