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 VIDEO  Effigear Riding with Benoit Coulanges & Quetin Chomier

POSTED: 20/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Benoit Coulanges with his Nicolai Ion 20 Effigear and Quetin Chomier with his Cavalerie Falcon shred some local trail in Mont Pilat (France). The effigear’s gearbox offer to the bike a reliable, efficient and effective transmission without bringing overweight compared to a classic derailleur transmission. What do you think about this awesome system? Leave a...

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POSTED: 15/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Troy Brosnan leaves Specialized after 7 years. Where will he go in the next downhill season? Stay tuned! Seven years…. Seven years of exhilarating highs. Seven years of lifelong memories. Seven years with two World Championships and countless podiums. Seven years and one hell of an unforgettable ride. Thank you, Troy, for entertaining and inspiring...

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 VIDEO  Nico Vink and Vinny-T get Loose in Thailand

POSTED: 13/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
“Nico Vink and Vincent Tupin arrived in Thailand together with the Hong Kong prodigies, Toby and Rory Meek. They are 9 and 11 years old only but definitely ready to send it!“. These young mtb riders are talented! Do you agree? Credit: Loose Riders Nico Vink and Vinny-T get Loose in Thailand ultima modifica: 2016-12-13T19:15:01+00:00...

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 VIDEO  The ULTIMATE lifestyle Ronny-Racing 2016 Mashup

POSTED: 08/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
MTB Downhill, Freeride, Crashes, amazing parties… Check out the insane lifestyle of Ronny-Racing! Turn up the volume and watch this awesome video! Credit: JanFeyser The ULTIMATE lifestyle Ronny-Racing 2016 Mashup ultima modifica: 2016-12-08T20:30:53+00:00 da Andrea...

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 VIDEO  EVO JAM organized by EVO BIKE PARK Team

POSTED: 08/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
On Friday 28th October the EVO Bike Park team organized the EVO JAM to bring together the great French MTB family! The storms have shaken the program. The ride has therefore concentrated on the downhill tracks and especially on the Double Black Mamba. Focus on a day of ride between friends in this end of...

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 VIDEO  Ike Klaassen (12 years old) shreds Vuurberg, South Africa!

POSTED: 01/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Ike Klaassen (12 years old) is a young downhill shredder from South Africa! Check out and share his latest mtb video filmed in Vuurberg, Stellenbosch, just outside of Cape Town. This young mtb rider is a talent! Awesome mountain bike video filmed and edited by Thomas Sandell. Ike Klaassen (12 years old) shreds Vuurberg, South...

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 VIDEO  Ride Portugal Squirt Merchant Banger

POSTED: 27/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Ride Portugal is based on the Algarve in the south of Portugal, one of the best places in the world where you can ride your mountain bike 365 days of a year! Check out and share this awesome mtb video! Enjoy! Credit: onevisionglobalracing Ride Portugal Squirt Merchant Banger ultima modifica: 2016-11-27T19:45:09+00:00 da Andrea...

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 VIDEO  Anthony Shelly & Dane Jewett shred Whistler Bike Park

POSTED: 26/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Anthony Shelly (9 years old) and Dane Jewett (10 years old) shred Whistler Bike Park trails with an awesome style!! They were born to ride a mountain bike! These kids are so talented and I think that the future of mountain biking is in good hands! Do you agree?? Credit: spawncycles Anthony Shelly & Dane Jewett...

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