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 VIDEO  Glenn King – Sweet 2016 in British Columbia

POSTED: 25/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Glenn King is a professional mountain biker from Prince George, British Columbia – Canada! How much style does he have aboard his NS Bikes? Check out and share his latest mtb video! 2016 has been a great year for Glenn King!! Credit: pgripper Glenn King – Sweet 2016 in British Columbia ultima modifica: 2016-11-25T11:36:03+00:00 da...

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 VIDEO  Eva Battolla – Easy Morning in Verbier BikePark

POSTED: 23/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Eva Battolla shreds her local trails in Verbier BikePark, Switzerland! How much style does she have aboard her downhill bike? Check out and share her latest video produced by Sulfur Components and Fragment Media. Eva Battolla – Easy Morning in Verbier BikePark ultima modifica: 2016-11-23T17:58:51+00:00 da Andrea...

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 VIDEO  Whistler Mashup with Nico Vink and Friends

POSTED: 23/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Crankworx Whistler is always good fun for us. It’s also a good opportunity to spend time with riders showing their different approach to the bike park with their own style. This edit shows what happens when you unleash Nick Pescetto, Nico Vink, Louis Reboul, Kyle Jameson, Neko Mullaly and Kristof Lenssens in such a good...

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 VIDEO  Remy Metailler – Whistler’s Unspoken Trails

POSTED: 22/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Remy Metailler rides the unspoken trails of Whistler on his Commencal Supreme DH V4. Project supported by the Whistler Mountain Bike Park and Race Face Performance Products. Awesome mountain biking video produced by influxproductions Follow Remy Metailler on Facebook! Remy Metailler – Whistler’s Unspoken Trails ultima modifica: 2016-11-22T11:55:59+00:00 da Andrea...

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 VIDEO  Lighting up the Sunshine Coast – Magnus Manson

POSTED: 06/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Magnus Manson shreds some awesome mtb trails at the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia Canada! He rides his Devinci Wilson with speed and style! MTB Video created by Magnus Manson & Gabriel Crudele. Lighting up the Sunshine Coast – Magnus Manson ultima modifica: 2016-11-06T02:00:47+00:00 da Andrea...

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 VIDEO  From Two to Four Wheels – Anthony ROCCI

POSTED: 04/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Lyon is surely the birthplace of the newschool MTB scene in France. For 10 years it has been a real melting pot of the most talented riders in France and perhaps even the world. You can’t really explain the ambiance, the riding spots and the city, it’s too cool! Anthony Rocci is part of this...

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 VIDEO  The Sound of Speed in Whistler with Rémi Thirion

POSTED: 03/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Commencal rider Rémi Thirion  rips down some awesome trails in Whistler aboard his Commencal Supreme DH V4.  Check out and share the episode 6 of “The Sound of Speed” mtb series with one of fastest downhill racer in the world! Credit: Red Bull The Sound of Speed in Whistler with Rémi Thirion ultima modifica: 2016-11-03T01:43:32+00:00...

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 VIDEO  Connor Fearon & Graham Agassiz ride the 27.5 Kona Operator at Retallack

POSTED: 02/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Two years in a row we’ve had Aggy and Connor join us at Retallack Lodge for test sessions on the 27.5 Kona Operator. For these two, whose schedules rarely coincide, coming together at Retallack is a bit of a celebration. While they may both compete at the top level in their respective disciplines, the pure...

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