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 VIDEO  20 MTB Tricks to survive the Winter

POSTED: 19/01/2017 by Admin
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Fabio Wibmer shows us 20 amazing mountain bike tricks you can learn in the wintertime. Check out and share this awesome video! ►Follow Fabio Wibmer: – Facebook: – Instagram: (@wibmerfabio) – Snapchat: wibmerfabio 20 MTB Tricks to survive the Winter ultima modifica: 2017-01-19T00:01:32+00:00 da Andrea...

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 VIDEO  Good Times with Julia Hofmann

POSTED: 16/01/2017 by Admin
CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Julia Hofmann is a German mountain bike rider who’s best known for producing mountain bike adventure stories from all over the world and you’ll be able to see her at different races and festivals throughout the season ahead. – Read More on Pinkbike Follow Julia Hofmann on Instagram ( @julia_sunnyrideoflife ): A photo posted by...

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 VIDEO  Red Bull’s Biggest MTB and BMX Moments of 2016

POSTED: 12/01/2017 by Admin
CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
“When we started out back on our journey through 2016 Aaron Gwin was set to climb aboard a bike which had never even raced a UCI World Cup before and Danny Hart had still never won one. We were wondering if anyone would be able to beat Rachel Atherton and what, if any, changes were...

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 VIDEO  Tight Lines – Loose Minds (50to01/Clayspades)

POSTED: 10/01/2017 by Admin
CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
“With some fresh creations from the clayspades boys, as soon as the last slap of the shovel was sounded, sharing bikes and excitement, everyone was rushing to try the double through tight trees into berm. The energy was so good and the trains gave out crys of genuine pure enjoyment. All the love in the...

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 VIDEO  Nicholi Rogatkin Highlight Reel 2016

POSTED: 01/01/2017 by Admin
CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Nicholi Rogatkin is an American professional bike rider from Lincoln, Massachusetts, United States. Ranked #1 in the World. 2016 World Champion. Rogatkin started riding bikes at the age of five and became a professional at age 13. Rogatkin won the ASA Triples in Miami and BMX Dirt Worlds in 2013. In 2014, he focused more on mountain...

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POSTED: 29/12/2016 by Admin
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Guess the clue’s sort of in the title! I’ve never been one for over building lines or riding purpose bulit trails, so here you go a super raw winter thrash keeping it real up on’t moors. Credit: Chris Akrigg CHRIS AKRIGG – AS IT LIES ultima modifica: 2016-12-29T12:48:57+00:00 da Andrea...

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POSTED: 24/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Riding in the Tobacco Root range requires embracing the frontier spirit of pursuing the unknown. Some days you’re rewarded, other days you’re left empty handed. For those who are willing to work for it, the alpine forests and lake shores will be revealed. _ _ Filmed & Directed By: Craig Grant & Joey Schusler...

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 VIDEO  Merry Christmas to everyone by Sam Pilgrim

POSTED: 24/12/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Santa Claus is on the track! Merry Christmas to everyone by Sam Pilgrim!… So i was ut filming a HOW TO video in the woods and then all of a sudden the craziest thing happened, you really need to see it to believe it!! ——————— MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! Thanks to Tom Cardy for filming!...

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