Category: MTB FAILS

 VIDEO  Crazy Canyon Jump + Crash
• DATE: 04/02/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
This canyon gap is extremely dangerous! What do you think about this crazy mtb jump? Check out the video and share it on Facebook and Twitter! Credit: airon Crazy Canyon Jump + Crash ultima modifica: 2017-02-04T22:15:35+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  Brutal Urban Downhill Crashes
• DATE: 03/02/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
Urban Downhill Races are awesome but very dangerous! Watch these three brutal crashes from an urban dh race in South America! We hope you are all well! You must use always fullface helmet and protectors!! Credit: Dark Bike Team Brutal Urban Downhill Crashes ultima modifica: 2017-02-03T01:27:42+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  Insane Crashes from Instagram
• DATE: 13/01/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
Check out and share these insane mtb and bmx fail videos selected for you from Instagram. A video posted by Bike Sushi (@bikesushi) on Jan 9, 2017 at 8:39pm PST A video posted by Ricky Lopez (@montanaricky) on Jan 1, 2017 at 2:29pm PST A video posted by Matthew Wilson...
 VIDEO  R.I.P. Intense Tracer! A jump gone wrong!
• DATE: 11/01/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
I can’t believe that this has happened to this Intense Tracer! A jump gone wrong for this mountain biker. He didn’t have enough speed! Check out the video below and leave a comment! R.I.P. Intense Tracer! A jump gone wrong! ultima modifica: 2017-01-11T17:21:20+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  Massive Roadgap Crash from Chatel
• DATE: 07/01/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
It almost hurts just to watch this crash… Is This one of the worst Mountain Bike Road Gap Crash of all time? This rider decided to take on a massive drop down… And it definitely did not go to plan. We hope that he was OK after his brutal mtb...
 VIDEO  2016 MTB Crash Reel
• DATE: 02/01/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
MTB Crash Compilation with some of the most insane mountainbike fails selected for you by Matt Staggs Visuals. Check out and share this video with your friends! “Ah what a year it has been! It saw less crashes and injuries for the participants, and provided for some great laughs. Take...
 VIDEO  Brutal Crash! How not to drop!
• DATE: 30/12/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
Brutal mtb crash for this unlucky mountain biker. That drop was so huge! We hope that he was OK after his massive crash. Credit: dazzemon Brutal Crash! How not to drop! ultima modifica: 2016-12-30T15:16:53+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  Danny MacAskill’s Crash – How not to backflip!
• DATE: 29/12/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
Check out below the amazing crash video of Danny MacAskill from his official Instagram profile. A backflip gone wrong of the best professional street trials rider in the world! If you don’t know Danny MacAskill, check out one of his best videos: Wee Day Out How not to backflip a...