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• DATE: 13/03/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
Timo Pritzel, PatrickSchweika, Philipp Baum, Lukas Schäfer, Aiko Göhler enjoying the trails in Berlin, Germany! Watch and share these two episodes, filmed and edited by BMXer Hans Friedrich, and follow Propain Proteam on Facebook: How much style do these slopestyle riders have? Leave a comment below! BERLIN DIRT – PART...
 VIDEO  The Good Old Times Are Now – MTB Film
• DATE: 13/02/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
Awesome MTB Film you must watch and share! Enjoy! “This is the story of a dream mixed with reality. Follow a group of friends doing what they love the most: riding bikes, drinking beers and having good time“. – CREDIT: The Forest Crew   The Good Old Times Are Now –...
 VIDEO  #LastOrders – Episode 4 // Best of This Is Peaty!
• DATE: 27/12/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
#LastOrders Episode 4 This Is Peaty has been gracing our screens for over 5 years now and through 4 seasons the team have travelled the globe bringing the party every step of the way. Season 4 and #LastOrders has been no exception. We have followed Peaty through one hell of...
 VIDEO  Ambitions Ep. 9 with EMILY BATTY
• DATE: 22/12/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
The final episode of Ambitions season one. Emily reflects on a long and successful race season while taking some time to unwind. – Credit: Emily Batty Emily Batty is a Canadian cross-country mountain biker. She won a bronze medal at the 2016 World Championships. Batty is the current Pan American...
 VIDEO  THIS IS PEATY: #LastOrders EP.2 with Ken Block
• DATE: 12/12/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
It’s always hard to draw comparisons between athlete’s worlds apart in different sports, especially with the enormity of the Motorsports industry compared to mountain bikes. But there are huge similarities between the way fans around the world have embraced both Steve Peat and Ken Block, both ambassadors and icons of...
 VIDEO  This Is Peaty #LastOrders – Ep.1 with STEVE PEAT
• DATE: 06/12/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
What can you say about Steve Peat that hasn’t already been said? World Champion, the peoples champion, steel city icon, mountain bike legend? As one of the most winning athletes of all time, with over 2 decades of competitive racing under his belt, turning 40 would for many, have been...
 VIDEO  The Wild Ride West – Dream adventures in the Pacific West Coast
• DATE: 16/11/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
The Wild Ride West – Dream adventures in the Pacific West Coast. The perfect roadtrip : 2 weeks with 9 french buddies living an epic trail bike journey on the best trails of Washington and British Columbia. Awesome video filmed by Giromagny Enduro Team / Pierre Henni The Wild Ride West...
 VIDEO  On Track with Curtis Keene: Keep The Rubber Side Down
• DATE: 03/08/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
► New episodes of On Track with Curtis Keene premiere every other Tuesday on Red Bull TV: In the sport of mountain biking, It’s not a question of “if” you’ll crash, but “when.” Defending champ Richie Rude tries to avoid the “crash curse,” and he’s got the advantage of two-time...