Category: MTB Film & Series

   Hexagone full film – a french MTB film
• DATE: 24/12/2014    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
A film about Mountain-Bike, only shot in France with some of the best French riders. We are proud to present our full length movie HEXAGONE. 100% french riders, shot exclusively in france. Antoine Bizet, Antoine Dubourgnon, Yannick Granieri, Mehdi Gani, Louis Reboul, Rémi Thirion, Richard Fert, Anthony Rocci, Pierre Edouard...
   Into the Dirt: Battling the elements in Iceland
• DATE: 10/12/2014    • CATEGORY: Into the Dirt - Team Infocus
The InFocus Team shreds the big mountain lines of Iceland’s hostile moonscape. New awesome freeride video with Andi Tillmann, Toni Tillmann, Michi Tillmann, Flo Berghammer and Kyle Jameson. Check out as they ride their Scott Bikes on these amazing mountains of Iceland! This is one of the best freeride videos of...
   Escape.Create | A new film featuring The Atherton family
• DATE: 07/12/2014    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
The story of the creative genius of Dan Atherton and his ambition and drive to build trails that push mountain biking to a new level. Red Bull Media House, in association with Metis Creative, presents “Escape. Create.”, a new film about the Atherton family. Read more: Dirt Mountainbike Escape.Create |...
   Team InFocus: Freeride in Namibia, Africa!
• DATE: 05/11/2014    • CATEGORY: Into the Dirt - Team Infocus
Check out the new awesome video of the InFocus Team filmed in Namibia (in the south of Africa). Andi Tillman and his team shred the desert with their scott bikes. The result is an amazing and unusual freeride video. Read the full story on Team InFocus: Freeride in Namibia,...
   [Trailer] – SEZON2 – New MTB Film by Kuba Gzela
• DATE: 27/10/2014    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
A new awesome mountain biking film is coming soon! Created by Kuba Gzela and supported by NS Bikes, GoPro, Evoc, Dakine. Check out the Official Trailer! Riders: Slawek lukasik, Maciej Jodko, Michal Gzela, Wojtek Czermak, Michał Sliwa, Artur Hryszko, Kamil Gladysz, Mikolaj Wincenciak, Grzegorz Wincenciak, Arek Perin, Krzysztof Kawula, Stefan...
   [Teaser] UNREAL – A new mountain biking movie by AnthillFilms
• DATE: 03/09/2014    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
Teton Gravity Research and Anthill Films announce a new awesome mountain biking film with some of the best riders of the world: Brandon Semenuk, Brett Rheeder, Cam McCaul, Tom van Steenbergen, Steve Smith, Graham Agassiz, Brook MacDonald, James Doerfling, Matt Hunter, Thomas Vanderham, and friends. Check out the teaser video!...
   If She Can Do It – Women’s MTB Film
• DATE: 26/05/2014    • CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
If She Can Do It was filmed in July 2012 at the Sugar Showdown, a women’s freeride mountain bike event held at Duthie Hill Park in Issaquah, Wash. The event was hosted by Kat Sweet of Sweetlines. The Documentary was produced by Mark Brent and Kat Sweet. Credit: Mark Brent...