Category: MTB Maintenance

 VIDEO  How to install the SRAM Eagle™ drivetrain system
• DATE: 29/08/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Maintenance
This video will guide you through the installation and setup process of the SRAM Eagle™ drivetrain system. SRAM built the incredible new XX1 Eagle™ drivetrain to work quietly, intuitively, precisely and perfectly. Whether you’re an hour and twelve minutes into a World Cup XC or, just about to hit the...
 VIDEO  Glitter and Tire Sealant – Does it work?
• DATE: 19/05/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Maintenance
Credit: Seth’s Bike Hacks I’ve had a slow leak in the rear tire of my hardtail for months now, and I keep just pumping it up and riding it. I think we’ve all been guilty of this type of laziness, but this leak is coming from my sidewall, which means the...
 VIDEO  How to use a Front Derailleur
• DATE: 20/04/2016    • CATEGORY: MTB Maintenance
Fairdale Bikes Research and Design Front Derailleur Repurposing Division: Shifting Your Perception The bicycle industry has deemed shifting the front chainrings on your bicycle to be unnecessary. The front derailleur has been declared dead. The Fairdale R&D team has the vision to see that the front derailleur still has plenty...
 VIDEO  How are Aluminium Mountain Bikes made?
• DATE: 08/10/2015    • CATEGORY: MTB Maintenance
How are Aliminium Mountain Bikes made? Check out this amazing video. The bike built is a Devinci Troy. How are Aluminium Mountain Bikes made? ultima modifica: 2015-10-08T18:04:03+00:00 da Andrea...