Category: Mountainbike Skills

 VIDEO  HOW TO SCRUB with Remy Metailler
• DATE: 28/08/2018    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Remy Metailler shows us how to scrub in the A-Line of Whistler Mountain Bike Park. My friend Nico Hidalgo (@n_hidalgob) from has followed me with his camera to grab some scrub shots on Aline after Crankworx. Trail was a bit rough but we tried to show some efficient riding...
 VIDEO  How To Ride Massive Jumps With Nico Vink | MTB Skills
• DATE: 16/08/2018    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Subscribe to GMBN: Freeride legend and veteran of mountain biking Nico Vink has plenty of experience riding huge MTB jumps. He and Blake session some gap jumps and tabletops to explain the best way to develop your jumping skill and confidence. CREDIT: Global Mountain Bike Network How To Ride...
 VIDEO  Learn 5 Easy Tricks with Jackson Goldstone
• DATE: 02/11/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
“I just can’t do tricks!” – This is something a lot of mountain bike riders say to their friends and other riders. But where should you start if you want to learn? The young superstar Jackson Goldstone has got some wise words for you and takes you through tricks that...
 VIDEO  How To Do Flatter Tabletops | Mountain Bike Tricks
• DATE: 10/08/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Subscribe to GMBN: The Table Top is a super simple trick that will make you look steezy and stylish when you throw it out on your local jumps. But are you doing it properly? More importantly, are yours as flat as they could be? Blake’s here to show you how...
 VIDEO  Learn how to brake with Rob Warner and Tom Öhler
• DATE: 02/08/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Rob Warner and Tom Öhler explain us the best technique to get you stopping your MTB perfectly. The steps to mastering braking Find a slope, preferably on a downhill trail. Ride at a speed you’re comfortable with. When using the rear brake, bring your weight back towards the rear of...
 VIDEO  Top 5 Beginner Body Position Mistakes | Mountain Bike Skills
• DATE: 02/08/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Subscribe to GMBN: Getting the correct posture can be tough whether you’re new to Mountain Biking or an experienced rider. So let Blake and Doddy tell you the do’s and don’ts of correct of positioning your body on the bike. 1. Sitting Down – We all need to rest sometimes,...
 VIDEO  Top Mistakes Every Mountain Biker Will Make
• DATE: 27/07/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Subscribe to GMBN: At some point every Mountain Biker will make these mistakes. Some of them are funny to look back on and some you need to avoid at all costs! Beginner, novice, newbie, whatever you call it, we’ve all been there to make mistakes. In fact, some of us...
 VIDEO  How To Ride Scary MTB Trails | Mountain Bike Skills
• DATE: 12/07/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Some of the most beautiful and best places to ride often have the scariest terrain and trails. So follow Neil and guest Traharn Chidley’s tips to help you tackle those exposed ridges, steep chutes and scary trails! Subscribe to Global Mountain Bike Network: How To Ride Scary MTB Trails |...