Category: Mountainbike Skills

 VIDEO  How to switch from Flat Pedals to Clips
• DATE: 28/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Win crank brothers Double Shot Pedals! You can win the crank brothers Double Shot Pedals used in this video. Just hit the link. Switching from Flats to Clips is a something we get asked about almost on a daily basis. So Neil is here to give a complete break...
 VIDEO  5 Essential Downhill Mountain Bike Skills
• DATE: 16/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
5 Essential Downhill Mountain Bike Skills explained by Global Mountain Bike Network Scott and Blake have 5 Essential Downhill Mountain Bike Skills for you to master so you can take your riding to the next level. Whether it’s descending down steep chutes or shredding turns, these Five essential skills will...
 VIDEO  DOWNHILL BIKE vs XC BIKE: What Are The Differences?
• DATE: 05/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
What’s really the difference between cross country bikes and downhill mountain bikes? Neil and Scott compare. Downhill bikes and XC mountain bikes look kind of different – you really can’t miss that. But, looks aside, what are the technical differences that mean that the two bikes are so different and...
 VIDEO  How To Stop Going Over The Bars On Your Mountain Bike
• DATE: 03/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Out the front door, going over the bars, OTB. It’s the most embarrassing (and often worst) way to crash on a Mountain Bike. So follow Neil’s tips, with some real life demonstrations from Blake… on how to stop going over the bars on your bike. Going over the bars on...
 VIDEO  How to setup a DH Bike
• DATE: 25/02/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
“It doesn’t matter if your Downhill mountain bike is brand new or many rides old, Scott has some great tips to help you get the perfect set up for your DH bike! Downhill MTB’s are tonnes of fun, but with so many working components, it can be hard to work...
 VIDEO  How to Manual with Wyn Masters and Brook Macdonald
• DATE: 22/02/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Mountain bike Skills: How to manual like a pro with Wyn Masters and Brook Macdonald. Check out these essential techniques and learn to manual your mountain bike! Read more on How to Manual with Wyn Masters and Brook Macdonald ultima modifica: 2017-02-22T00:03:33+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  TOP 5 Advanced Essential Skills by Global Mountain Bike Network
• DATE: 15/02/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
> Subscribe to GMBN: If you’ve mastered the 5 Essential Skills, then time to move on to 5 Essential Advanced skills! Master these skills and you will be on your way to being an expert Mountain Biker. Hop Drifts Brakes Jumps Drops Master these Five Essential Advanced Skills and...
 VIDEO  How To Be Smooth & Fast On Your Mountain Bike | Essential MTB Skills
• DATE: 10/02/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
In mountain biking that you need to be ride smoothly before you can ride fast. Combining the two is easier said than done. So Neil is here to show us how to your MTB smoothly and quickly. Neil is in Spain showing us how to ride smooth and fast on...