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 VIDEO  Spengle Carbon Monocoque Wheels
• DATE: 06/12/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque redefines what a 27.5 trail wheel is capable of. Meticulously engineered to offer outstanding performance in the areas that matter most to riders: safety, agility, and speed. The SPENGLE Carbon Monocoque boasts the most advanced wheel construction in the world. Cutting-edge aerospace technology provides safer handling,...
 VIDEO  Danny MacAskill tests Santa Cruz Reserve Carbon Wheel
• DATE: 02/10/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
“If it ain’t broke, go break it” has been the principle objective behind our wheel development program from the start. Danny MacAskill was the first rider to get a pair of Reserve wheels and did a lousy job of fulfilling that objective. He filmed the entire “Wee Day Out” video...
 VIDEO  Polygon Downhill Bike – DH TEAM EDITION
• DATE: 20/09/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
The Collosus DH Team Edition is a special collaboration between UR Team and Polygon Bikes. The bike is presented as a replica of the team’s winning bike that’s equipped with team’s official specifications also. Raced and proven on the whole UCI World Cup Downhill circuit and ridden by whole riders...
 VIDEO  5 Amazing Inventions For Bicycle YOU MUST SEE
• DATE: 17/09/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
5 Amazing Inventions For Bicycle YOU MUST SEE: Livall Smart Helmet – LanSight Warning System – Rap CO2 multi tool – Quad Lock iPhone Bike Mount – Vertical bicycle lift PARKIS – CREDIT: EDWIN What do you think about these amazing inventions for bicycle? Leave a...
 VIDEO  7 Things you might not know about CARBON FIBER
• DATE: 12/09/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
Subscribe to GMBN: Doddy has got 7 facts about Carbon Fibre that you didn’t know! Carbon is an awesome material that’s allowing the bike industry to develop in ways that wasn’t previously possible! Carbon Fiber manufacturing is a labour intensive process that can produce lightweight, complex frames with many...
 VIDEO  The Best Pro & Retro Mountain Bikes | GMBN at Eurobike 2017
• DATE: 04/09/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
Subscribe to GMBN: Eurobike is the world’s largest bike trade show. That means that it pretty much plays host to most of the best mountain bikes on the planet. Doddy was lucky enough to be checking out the best of the show all week, including Myles Rockwell’s retro Yeti,...
 VIDEO  New Mountain Bike Tech For 2018 | GMBN At Eurobike
• DATE: 01/09/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
Subscribe to GMBN: Doddy has got more interesting and exciting new mountain bike tech from the biggest bike show in the world, Eurobike! A lot of these products have been in development for several years and we’re excited to see them become available to the public soon! CREDIT: Global...
 VIDEO  Is this the future of our MTB Forks??
• DATE: 31/08/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
The Scurra 2 is an amazing enduro bike with an innovative fork linkage system! Is this the future of our MTB Forks?? Leave a comment below! Do you want to know more about this awesome enduro bike? Check out:   Is this the future of our MTB Forks?? ultima modifica: 2017-08-31T23:42:59+00:00 da...