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 VIDEO  Giant SyncDrive Pro E-Bike Technology
• DATE: 28/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
The all-new SyncDrive Pro motor from Giant is built and tuned specifically for high-performance E-bike riding. More powerful, compact and lighter than any E-bike motor in its class, it gives you the freedom to push new limits. Climb higher, ride farther, and discover new possibilities with Giant SyncDrive Pro. Read more:
 VIDEO  Giant Maestro Suspension Technology
• DATE: 16/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
From fast and efficient XC bikes to long travel downhill machines, Maestro suspension technology offers smooth, active rear suspension on any type of terrain. The latest generation of Maestro is updated with a new trunnion mount that produces a lower shock leverage ratio for improved pedaling and braking efficiency, and...
 VIDEO  Manga Jersey Promo Edit with Bryn Dickerson
• DATE: 14/02/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking, Products
RED (Ride Every Day) Clothing is a New Zealand owned and operated apparel company for bike riders. Bryn Dickerson shows us three different colors of Manga Jersey. More info: Manga Jersey Promo Edit with Bryn Dickerson ultima modifica: 2017-02-14T13:18:46+00:00 da Andrea...
 VIDEO  Getting Filthy with FMD Racing 2017 // Muc-Off
• DATE: 07/02/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
Tahnee Seagrave, Kaos Seagrave and Joe Parfitt are experiencing a meteoric rise to the very top of the downhill scene as part of FMD Racing. So, we invited them down our local bike park for an afternoon of riding. Watch our exclusive edit Our Playground // Muc-Off In Majorca –...
 VIDEO  SRAM Eagle™ | German Engineered
• DATE: 26/01/2017    • CATEGORY: Products
The sport of mountain biking has its epicenters of excellence — places where the word ‘progression’ really means something. The product engineering of mountain biking also has its hotspots. And few have a more interesting history and legacy than Schweinfurt, Germany. Located near-perfectly in the center of Germany, innovators from...
 VIDEO  Matti Lehikoinen rides a crazy electric “bike”!
• DATE: 10/11/2016    • CATEGORY: Products
Matti Lehikoinen rides a crazy electric “bike”: the Greyp G12s! A bicycle when you want it, a motorcycle when you need it. Power: 12 kW Battery capacity: 1,3 kWh Speed: 65 km/h Range: up to 120 km Full re-charge: 80 min. For more information, please visit Matti Lehikoinen rides a crazy...
 VIDEO  A Taste of the New 27.5 Kona Operator 2017
• DATE: 25/10/2016    • CATEGORY: Products
The new 27.5 Kona Operator was developed on the World Cup Downhill circuit under Connor Fearon and Tegan Molloy over the past two seasons and it’s now ready to be unleashed. We have been gathering footage over this development process including two trips to Retallack Lodge with Connor and Kona...
 VIDEO  Never Flat Tyres!! Is this the future of our MTB Tyres?
• DATE: 21/10/2016    • CATEGORY: Products
Is this the future of our Mountain Bike Tyres? Check out these amazing tyre prototypes for mountain bikes and leave a comment below! Credit: EnergyReturnWheel Never Flat Tyres!! Is this the future of our MTB Tyres? ultima modifica: 2016-10-21T16:42:09+00:00 da Andrea...