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 VIDEO  Never Flat Tyres!! Is this the future of our MTB Tyres?

POSTED: 21/10/2016 by Admin
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Is this the future of our Mountain Bike Tyres? Check out these amazing tyre prototypes for mountain bikes and leave a comment below! Credit: EnergyReturnWheel Never Flat Tyres!! Is this the future of...

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 VIDEO  GoPro: Introducing Karma: More than a drone!

POSTED: 24/09/2016 by Admin
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Karma is a complete system for capturing amazingly smooth GoPro footage in the air, handheld or mounted to your favorite gear. As always, happy capturing! You might see examples of extreme use...

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 VIDEO  Crazy trike with rear wheel steering! – The Halfbike

POSTED: 23/09/2016 by Admin
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Halfbike is a new type of vehicle to awaken your natural instinct to move. It combines biking and running. We took the core driving mechanism of a classical bicycle (a wheel connected...

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 VIDEO  The BIG BIRD 36″ by Focus Bikes

POSTED: 24/08/2016 by Admin
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FOCUS presents the all new BIG BIRD 36 After three years of intensive development, FOCUS have finally lifted the veil of secrecy and revealed the latest stage of mountain biking’s evolution. Alongside...

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 VIDEO  Brutal bicycle disc brake TEST!!

POSTED: 20/08/2016 by Admin
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How much brutal is this bicycle disc brake TEST?? Check out and share this awesome video! Credit: Beyond the press Brutal bicycle disc brake TEST!! ultima modifica: 2016-08-20T01:24:26+00:00 da Andrea...

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 NEWS  2017 Mondraker Summum DH Bikes

POSTED: 27/07/2016 by Admin
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2017 Mondraker Summum Specifics STEALTH Forward Geometry Alloy frame ZERO Suspension System DH 205mm Marzocchi 380 CR Espresso 200mm fork Fox Performance VAN RC rear shock Sram X7 9s + Ruktion 36T /...

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POSTED: 15/07/2016 by Admin
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New Specifics / New Colours / New Frames For 2017 COMMENCAL has a wave of fresh products including new frames, new graphics, sleek and ultra modern finishes and next generation components. All those...

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 VIDEO  Introducing of SRAM Eagle 1x drivetrain

POSTED: 24/03/2016 by Admin
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SRAM introduced the first-ever, purpose-built 1x drivetrain, and is the absolute leader in 1x technology and innovation. We have manufactured, tested and ridden hundreds of thousands of SRAM 1x™ drivetrains, and have...

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