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 VIDEO  TeamFisher | Waiting for PitrazzaFEST 2016 – ETNA

POSTED: 17/10/2016 by Admin
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The ASD Team Fisher is a group of riders that work and ride on Mount Etna in Sicily. They built some downhill and enduro trails. “Pitrazza” is their home trail where this...

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 VIDEO  TeamFisher’s Massive Crash 2.0

POSTED: 07/01/2016 by Admin
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A fuc*king insane crash for TeamFisher’s riders during a wet day of riding on Mount Etna, Sicily! Follow the ASD Team Fisher on Facebook: TeamFisher’s Massive Crash 2.0 ultima modifica: 2016-01-07T01:20:27+00:00 da...

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 VIDEO  FisherPark’s Preview: The private park of ASD Team Fisher is coming soon

POSTED: 04/01/2016 by Admin
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FisherPark is a private park built by ASD Team Fisher in the south of Mount Etna, Sicily! They are building an easy line, an hard line and a pump track. The inauguration...

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 VIDEO  Pitrazza Fest 2015 – Mountain Bike Party organised by Team Fisher

POSTED: 01/12/2015 by Admin
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“Pitrazza Fest” is a great sicilian mountain bike event organised by ASD Team Fisher. Pitrazza is their home trail where they work and ride. The third edition of this awesome mountain bike party...

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 VIDEO  Massive Crash: A bad surprise after a Jump Line

POSTED: 22/11/2015 by Admin
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A massive crash after a jump for TeamFisher’s riders. Don’t worry. They are alive! Follow the ASD Team Fisher on Facebook! Massive Crash: A bad surprise after a Jump Line ultima modifica:...

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 GALLERY  TeamFisher’s Policy: No DIG…. No RIDE!!

POSTED: 30/10/2015 by Admin
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In Sicily (South of Italy) there are no Bike Park but there are many groups of riders that work hard and they push forward the gravity disciplines. We are proud to support one of...

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 VIDEO  Mottus & Fisher ride the Dog Jump Track on Mount Etna – #TeamFisher

POSTED: 08/10/2015 by Admin
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Andrea Motta follows Giuseppe Pesce on the Dog Jump Track located on the most active volcano in the Europe: Mount Etna. Helmet Cam Video 100% filmed on GoPro. Follow the ASD Team...

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 VIDEO  Luca Immormino Race Run – Dog Jump Trail – SicilianDownhillSeries #4

POSTED: 06/10/2015 by Admin
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Race run of TeamFisher rider Luca Immormino at the round 4 of Sicilian Downhill Series 2015. Trail: Dog Jump – Mount Etna – Sicily – Italy Result: 10th place Helmet cam video...

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