► Crazy man fires gun on the MTB Trail


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On a normal MTB ride in Capitol State Forest, WA, somebody target shooting was “unknowingly” firing across one of the most used trails in the forest. As soon as we realized how close the shots were, we heard at least two zip past just ahead of us seemingly at head level. They sound was apparent and “felt” close, the GoPro barely picked up the audio, so I increased the volume for the first two. With headphones you can hear them in the original clip, prior to me cranking up the volume. After reflecting for a couple days about this incident, we were actually really close to catching a bullet. I kinda regret that we did not confront this person directly with cameras and give them a solid tongue lashing and post their faces to social media, they got off easy. Please learn a lesson from this if you shoot for fun in the forest.

FYI, I have nothing against guns or target shooting, but this person was breaking multiple rules of recreational shooting and common sense!

WAC 332-52-145
(b) Persons shall not target shoot carelessly, recklessly, or without regard for the safety of any person, or in a manner that endangers, or is likely to endanger, any person, pet, livestock, wildlife or property.

(a) Persons may target shoot in:

(i) Developed recreation facilities specifically designed for target shooting; or

(ii) Areas with an unobstructed, earthen backstop capable of stopping all projectiles and debris in a safe manner.

Persons shall not target shoot in any other location.

(b) Persons shall not shoot within, from, along, across, or down roads or trails.

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