► How to build an Electric Bike Prototype


Credit: Kim Henriksen

In this video we show how easy and simple to build an Electric bike and use a drill as motor. Using a stop away from a bike as gas handle.

1. Take pedal and the foot of. 2 sanding the bottom bracket so that the drill can get stuck. 3. Man assemble wooden stick firmly where footbrake sat. 4. You drill a small hole where the handbrake cable must pass through the cable can be passed around the button on the drill. 5. To assemble the drill. 6. You take the little wooden board and mount so that the hole is right out the front button on the drill, the wooden panel must sit so that it supports the drill. 7. To mount the wire collector to the pin. 8. You install the handbrake cable. Hand brake cable must through the hole on the plate and around the button on the drill and stuck in the wire collector. 9. Now you are ready to take a ride on your homemade motor bike / electric bicycle.

electric-bike -1
Important: Always wear a helmet when you run on your Electric bike !!!

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