► LAU CELDRAN – The Soul of a Girl Rider


Laura Celdran is a 35 year old girl rider from Spain with a huge passion for the sports world, particularly cycling. She normally rides her bikes in Spain, Andorra and France.

She practices several MTB styles: dirt, enduro, descent, and also enjoys many other extreme sports like freeride, freestyle snowboarding, kitesurfing and wakeboarding. In all of them she shows her passion, motivation and her great desire to continue learning and improving.

In addition this passionate cyclist is an entrepreneur, running the company CoreBicycle, which combines her love of cycling with a growing business.

With cycling I found my great sporting passion. Cycling is my means of escape, which gives me strength and motivates me to keep fighting to learn day by day. Sometimes, it’s difficult to reconcile work, training, personal life; no one said it was easy! 😉 This is all about striving in order to become better and better. Thanks to the support of brands like Mondraker and Maxxis, I feel very supported. Thanks for your support!” – CREDIT: Lau Celdran

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