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10 Amazing Hacks for MTB | by Seth’s Bike Hacks

10 Amazing Hacks for Mountain Biking and Beyond explained by Seth’s Bike Hacks! “Today, I’ll show you 10 hacks that can be used for mountain biking, working on your bike, and fueling up during your ride. Enjoy.” – CREDIT: Seth’s Bike Hacks Watch more hacks for MTB at…

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Basic MTB Fork Maintenance You Should Be Doing

Subscribe to GMBN: Mountain bike suspension is something we all take for granted! It makes our ride easier, more comfortable and allows us to ride the kind of trails that would be impossible without it! We’re all guilty of maybe not looking after our suspension as much as we should, especially our forks! Here are […]

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How To Service Rock Shox MTB Fork | Mountain Bike Maintenance

Subscribe to GMBN: Fork feeling dry and ropey? Well if you’ve ridden your fork for 50 hours without giving it any attention then chances are it needs a lower leg service. So follow Doddy’s tips to get your fork running buttery smooth again with just some fork oil and basic tools! Now, we’re using a […]

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How To Service And Install A Press Fit MTB Bottom Bracket | Mountain Bike Maintenance

Subscribe to Global Mountain Bike Network: Love them or hate them a lot of bikes these days come with a press fit bottom bracket. So if yours is creaking or you need to install a new one, follow Doddy’s tips to get it running smooth. If your bike is creaking often it is due […]

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ROCKSHOX 50 Hour Lower Leg Service

This video will guide you through the 50 hour service procedure for RockShox suspension forks. It is recommended that thus procedure be done every 50 hours to restore small bump sensitivity, reduce friction, and extend bushing lifespan. Find the full service manual for your fork at Credit: SRAM TECH

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8 Essential Tools You Need To Fix Your Mountain Bike

8 Essential Tools You Need To Fix Your Mountain Bike | MTB Maintenance Most Mountain Bikers love being able to work on their own bikes. But to do that you will need to essential tools. So Scotty is here to get you started with 8 essential tools you will need to fix your bike. CREDIT: […]

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How To Clean Your Mountain Bike | by GMBN

Clean your mountain bike and get it ready for a service or your next big ride in just 30 minutes. A clean mountain bike is generally a happy, well functioning bike. And, if washing your bike doesn’t fix it, a clean bike is far easier to work on. So, if your mountain bike is particularly […]

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How to Spray Paint a Bike Frame

Do you know how to go about painting a bike frame using spray paints? Do you want to add more style to your mountain bike frame? Check out this awesome tutorial presented by JP Kaukonen

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