CAM ZINK’s Biggest Little Fest

Straight from the mind of legendary Cam Zink comes the ‘Biggest Little Fest’ where 20 of the World’s best riders gather to tackle some of biggest jumps ever created! For more info

Loshackos Guys shred Lenzerheide, Switzerland

Turn up the volume or put on your headphones! Here is the video of the brand new Propain Rage! The Los Hackos guys have been in Lenzerheide with the Park Rat and

Rough AF 3 – Jordie Lunn | FULL VIDEO

Imagine walking through the woods and stumbling upon one of these features. You’d probably think there was a madman on the loose, and you’d be correct! Jordie Lunn has spent years learning

Petr Vinokurov rides Gorky Bike Park in RUSSIA

Petr Vinokurov shreds some awesome mtb trails in Gorky Bike Park, Sochi – RUSSIA! He rides his Kona Operator with speed and style! Follow him on Instagram: @petrvinokurov Amazing RAW video filmed

RAW Destruction in Whistler with William Robert

William ROBERT back in Whistler demonstrating his FURIOUS raw skill and control! 104 seconds of pure RAW shredding in the most famous bike park in the world! He rides his Commencal Furious

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 VIDEO  Vincent Tupin rides the King Kong Trail, Utah!
• DATE: 31/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Action Cam, Downhill/Freeride
Take an insane run with Vincent Tupin! He rides down one of the most extreme lines in the world: The King Kong trail in Virgin, Utah – United States! Do you like this amazing trail ? Share this video with your friends and leave a comment below! CREDIT: Vincent Tupin...
 VIDEO  Ethan Nell’s Epic POV – Red Bull Rampage 2018
• DATE: 31/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Redbull Rampage
▶︎ Relive the action from Red Bull Rampage 2018:… Jump onboard with Ethan Nell as he secures 3rd place at Red Bull Rampage for the 2nd year in a row – this Sophomore is on fire! CREDIT: Red Bull Bike...
 VIDEO  What a DISASTER !! Massive CRASH from Chile
• DATE: 30/10/2018    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
What a disaster!! Watch and share this massive mtb crash from a bike park in Chile. Has this ever happened to you? Leave a comment below and tag a friend! CREDIT: sag4...
 VIDEO  Remy Metailler ‘s Run 2 – Red Bull Rampage 2018
• DATE: 30/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Redbull Rampage
Watch and share the Run 2 of Remy Metailler at the Red Bull Rampage 2018 Finals! “Red Bull Rampage madness ! Here is my run number 2. Few bubbles, and did not ride exactly like I wanted, but a run down that mountain always feels good.” – CREDIT: Remy Metailler...
 VIDEO  A single speed, Single Pivot, 2 chain, 29er Downhill bike!
• DATE: 29/10/2018    • CATEGORY: BIKES
Joe from Starling Cycles has built an absolute weapon. A single speed, Single Pivot, 2 chain 29er Downhill bike. Brett Wheeler from Wheelers MTB Holiday Portugal has been putting it through its paces, Winning the Portuguese Nationals. No better way to show a silent fast bike than just pure RAW...
 VIDEO  Vincent Tupin’s Massive Crash – Red Bull Rampage 2018
• DATE: 29/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Redbull Rampage
▶︎ Relive the action from Red Bull Rampage 2018:… Vincent Tupin fell down hard during his RUN 1 at the Red Bull Rampage 2018. The Run 2 was better! Watch and share this video and leave a comment below! CREDIT: Red Bull Bike...
 VIDEO  50to01 – Alton Forest Lodge Race Weekend Highlights
• DATE: 29/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Thanks to the guys at Alton forest lodge for having us. Such a good time in a prime location. Crew loved it!!! Tommo, Sambo, Ben and everyone else who put work in to make the dual happen… big love boys. CREDIT: 50to01 TV...
 VIDEO  Tom van Steenbergen’s Massive Backflip – Red Bull Rampage 2018
• DATE: 28/10/2018    • CATEGORY: Redbull Rampage
▶︎ Relive the action from Red Bull Rampage 2018:… What a run!! Watch and share the insane run of Tom van Steenbergen at the Red Bull Rampage 2018 Finals. He performed a massive backflip on the big drop! Awesome! CREDIT: Red Bull Bike  ...

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