Ike Klaassen (12 years old) shreds Vuurberg, South Africa!

Ike Klaassen (12 years old) is a young downhill shredder from South Africa! Check out and share his latest mtb video filmed in Vuurberg, Stellenbosch, just outside of Cape Town. This young

Ride Portugal Squirt Merchant Banger

Ride Portugal is based on the Algarve in the south of Portugal, one of the best places in the world where you can ride your mountain bike 365 days of a year!

Anthony Shelly & Dane Jewett shred Whistler Bike Park

Anthony Shelly (9 years old) and Dane Jewett (10 years old) shred Whistler Bike Park trails with an awesome style!! They were born to ride a mountain bike! These kids are so

Glenn King – Sweet 2016 in British Columbia

Glenn King is a professional mountain biker from Prince George, British Columbia – Canada! How much style does he have aboard his NS Bikes? Check out and share his latest mtb video!

Eva Battolla – Easy Morning in Verbier BikePark

Eva Battolla shreds her local trails in Verbier BikePark, Switzerland! How much style does she have aboard her downhill bike? Check out and share her latest video produced by Sulfur Components and


 VIDEO  Klunk N’ Funk – by Transition Bikes

POSTED: 17/11/2016 by Admin
The best way to describe the Klunker is genuinely a raging party in the woods. It’s basic nature combined with it’s built in Drift Mode brings inevitable disco vibes to your life and your outfit. Prepare for a foot tappin’, turn slappin’ good time with Josh Gleave and Disco Bob. Credit: Transition Bikes...

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 VIDEO  Mark Scott – “Rubber Side Down” presented by Maxxis

POSTED: 16/11/2016 by Admin
Maxxis Tyres present Episode 2 of Rubber Side Down. Mark Scott over the last two seasons has embedded himself as one of the fastest EWS racers currently on the scene. Hailing from Innerleithen, Scotland and with a Downhill background, his technical skills have been honed over years of riding on some of Europes most technical...

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 VIDEO  The Wild Ride West – Dream adventures in the Pacific West Coast

POSTED: 16/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: MTB Film & Series
The Wild Ride West – Dream adventures in the Pacific West Coast. The perfect roadtrip : 2 weeks with 9 french buddies living an epic trail bike journey on the best trails of Washington and British Columbia. Awesome video filmed by Giromagny Enduro Team / Pierre Henni...

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 VIDEO  How To Scrub With Bryn Atkinson | Mountain Bike Skills

POSTED: 15/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Tutorials
Scrubs are a highly advanced skill to learn but if you can master them, not only do they help you jump faster but they look awesome! Scrub master Bryn Atkinson gives us the low down. The Global Mountain Bike Network is the best MTB YouTube channel, with videos for everyone who loves dirt: from the...

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 VIDEO  GoPro: Revenge at Red Bull Rampage 2016

POSTED: 14/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Action Cam, Redbull Rampage
Tucked in the hills of Virgin, Utah stands the mecca of freeride mountainbike events, Red Bull Rampage. Riders spend 8 daunting days building an entire run down a brand new venue, with only the rider and 2 builders for a team to make it all happen. Watch as these athletes take on the beast and...

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POSTED: 13/11/2016 by Admin
Check out the world’s first step-up backflip to manual to frontflip drop of Adrian Tell at the Alfta Bike Park in Sweden! Credit: Adrian Tell...

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 VIDEO  Remy Metailler follows Bernardo Cruz – Downhill TAXCO 2016

POSTED: 12/11/2016 by Admin
CATEGORY: Urban Downhill
Commencal rider, Remy Metailler, follows Bernardo Cruz along the insane urban downhill track of Taxco 2016, Mexico! Awesome helmet cam video 100% filmed on GoPro. Credit: Rémy Métailler *Get well soon Remy Metailler!!!*...

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 VIDEO  50to01 – Talking Jibberish

POSTED: 11/11/2016 by Admin
We wanted to take our time and work on a project over a week, here is the result. Jibberish or jibber-jabber refer to speech or other use of language that is nonsense, or that appears to be nonsense. It may include speech sounds that are not actual words, or forms such as language games or...

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