Love & Warfare ft. Alex Volokhov

Alex Volokhov rips down some awesome downhill trails aboard his Scott Gambler! This amazing mtb video will make you want to ride your mountain bike! Check out and share it! Credit: CalvinHuth Love &

Team InFocus – Silence 2

This awesome mtb video will make you want to ride your mountain bike! Team InFocus riders shred some extreme downhill trails in Bikepark Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Austria, and in Galicia, Spain! Produced by Moment

INERTIA feat. Brandon Semenuk

There’s not much to say when Brandon Semenuk puts out a new cut with his partner-in-crime, Rupert Walker. You’ve seen the Raw 100 vids. So here’s what we’ll say: if you’re after

Best MTB Video of the Week! – Location: Tahiti, France!

Temarii Buillard rides an awesome mtb track in Tahiti Island island in the French Polynesia. This is one of the best mtb video that I’ve seen in a long time! Do you

Matt Hunter shreds the snowy slopes of BC, Canada

If it wasn’t a thing, it is now. Watch Matt Hunter heli-bike BC with the gang. See the Bikes: Have a helicopter, will ride. Watch Matt Hunter, Matty Miles, and the

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 VIDEO  Massive MTB CRASH Compilation
• DATE: 13/10/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
Watch some of the most crazy and painful mtb crashes selected for you by The Observatory. Always use body protectors and a good helmet when you ride your mountain bike!...
 VIDEO  Remy Metailler attacks Whistler Mountain Bike Park
• DATE: 13/10/2017    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Remy Metailler shreds Whistler Mountain Bike Park in British Columbia, Canada! He is very fast aboard his Cube Two 15. Check out and share this awesome mtb video filmed and edited by Chris Ricci (Influx Production). Credit: Remy Metailler  ...
 VIDEO  Loïc Bruni overtakes 400 riders at Red Bull Foxhunt 2017
• DATE: 11/10/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
► Watch more on:  After a whirlwind UCI Downhill World Champion win, Loïc Bruni took a trip to the emerald isle to try his luck at the madness of Red Bull Foxhunt. Being used to his typical solo downhill runs Bruni got quite the shock trying to outrun over 450...
 VIDEO  Top 3 MTB Crashes of the Month
• DATE: 09/10/2017    • CATEGORY: MTB FAILS
The most brutal and painful mountain bike crashes of the month! Check out and share these amazing videos and leave a comment below!...
 VIDEO  Ace Hayden – Perspective
• DATE: 09/10/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Ace Hayden, a mellow 25 year old freerider from Kamloops, BC, talks about being a mountain biker, the passion, the dangers. He started riding mountain bikes hard at 15 and is a fast, loose trail rider who can go big, too! Edit by Influx Productions, Music: Sample and Hold –...
 VIDEO  Sound of Speed with Eddie Masters and Dave McMillan
• DATE: 08/10/2017    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
► Get a funny behind the scenes look at raw MTB videos here: What does it take to make the sound of speed? The latest clip in our popular series sees Eddie Masters and Dave McMillan try their hands as Foley Artists.  Raw mountain bike videos are rightfully all the rage...
 VIDEO  In Between – Quinn Hanley shreds Whistler Bike Park
• DATE: 07/10/2017    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
What a video! Quinn Hanley shreds Whistler Mountain Bike Park in British Columbia, Canada! This is the result after 5 days of riding in the most famous bike park in the world! Watch and share this awesome video filmed and edited by David Kenworthy! Credit: quinnhanley...
 VIDEO  Sam Hill: A Legend’s Journey
• DATE: 06/10/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
The dust has just about settled on Sam Hill‘s dream finish to this year’s Enduro World Series, so what better time to share the highlights of his journey to championship victory! Sam Hill: A legend’s journey is befitting of a man who many counted out as a competitive racer. It...

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