Joel Tunbridge // Runga Skyline 2017

Joel Tunbridge shreds Skyline Mountain Biking trails in Queenstown, New Zealand. He rides his Giant Glory with style! Check out and share this awesome mtb downhill video filmed and edited by Parallax

Meet the 2017 Giant Factory Off-Road Team

“From hair-raising World Cup DH tracks to remote enduro terrain and heart-pounding XC races, the Giant Factory Off-Road Team will be everywhere this year. With an expanded roster, new bikes, and the

Dunbar Cycles Team Retreat

Do you know Dunbar Cycles Team? Check out and share this awesome downhill video filmed and edited by Kaz Yamamura. Riders: Trevor Thew, Kirk McDowall and Cody Macarthur! CREDIT: dunbarcycles Dunbar Cycles

ION SEEK – Surf-inspired, Freeride-oriented

“ION’s Seek is way more than just a new bike wear line. Seek is a statement – of ION’s brand origin and of the dedication to biking. And of ION’s claim: Surfing

KC Deane – RAW Fraser River, Canada

A new awesome freeride video with KC Deane! He shreds Fraser River mountains aboard his Scott Gambler. The Fraser River is the longest river within British Columbia, Canada, rising at Fraser Pass near

 VIDEO  Gee Atherton shreds the Crestline trail, California!
• DATE: 03/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Gee Atherton tears up the Crestline trail with GoPro Telemetry tracking every extra MPH When the Athertons rode the Crestline trail in rural California the stoke was high and the laps getting faster with each siblings run. Full Telemetry monitoring Gee’s speed on every section of the track with speedometer,...
 VIDEO  How To Stop Going Over The Bars On Your Mountain Bike
• DATE: 03/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountainbike Skills
Out the front door, going over the bars, OTB. It’s the most embarrassing (and often worst) way to crash on a Mountain Bike. So follow Neil’s tips, with some real life demonstrations from Blake… on how to stop going over the bars on your bike. Going over the bars on...
 VIDEO  Remy Metailler – First ride with the CUBE TWO15
• DATE: 02/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
First ride of Remy Metailler aboard his new CUBE TWO15. Remy Metailler is back after a bad injury during the urban downhill race at Taxco in Mexico. Check out and share his new awesome helmet cam video with the new downhill bike! Enjoy! Follow Remy Metailler on:
 VIDEO  Sam Reynolds & Ethan Nell – The #Darkfest Line
• DATE: 01/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Action Cam
Take an insane run down #Darkfest line with Sam Reynolds and Ethan Nell! Is this one of the most extreme jumps line ever? Check out and share this awesome helmet cam video and leave a comment below! Follow Sam Reynolds on Facebook!...
 VIDEO  DEITY: Blood On My Hands ft. Bas van Steenbergen
• DATE: 01/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Bound by a love for speed, the new DEITY product line is a reflection of the riders who inspire the company to push to new levels! The first in a new series of DEITY productions, join Bas van Steenbergen as he evades the Kelowna snow and chases some loam in...
 VIDEO  Eric Lawernuk rips down the Coast Gravity Park
• DATE: 01/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Eric Lawernuk rides his Rocky Mountain bike at the Coast Gravity Park in British Columbia, Canada! Coast Gravity Park is one of the best bike park in the world where you can ride your mountain bike! Awesome mountain biking video filmed and edited by Graeme Meiklejohn!...
 VIDEO  Amaury Pierron rides the new Commencal SUPREME DH V4.2
• DATE: 01/03/2017    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Amaury Pierron is a French Downhill Racer of Team Lac Blanc – Commencal. Check out and share his latest edit where he rides with speed and style the new Commencal Supreme DH V4.2 . 2017 Commencal Supreme DHv4.2 is an awesome downhill bike with a new kinematic and a longer reach,...
 VIDEO  Party in the Pines | by Suspended Productions
• DATE: 28/02/2017    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Some of the San Diego Boys and Girls having a fun session in the Pine Valley, a jump spot in California, United States. Amazing mtb video produced by Suspended Production with Luca Cometti, Lucas Cowan, Kyle Doyle, Kyle Strait, Jason Shroeder, Bubba Warren, Caroline Buchanan, Barry Nobles and Ryen Melton....

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