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 VIDEO  EXTREME SPORTS BATTLE (Parkour vs Urban Downhill)
• DATE: 05/02/2015    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Check out this unusual and epic extreme sports battle: Parkour vs Urban Downhill! A traceur VS downhill rider with a Rocky Mountain. This video is so insane! Must watch! Credit: 3runTube EXTREME SPORTS BATTLE (Parkour vs Urban Downhill) ultima modifica: 2015-02-05T00:58:55+00:00 da Andrea...
   New Wood Huck | Huge drop
• DATE: 03/02/2015    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
This downhill rider has built a huge drop in Northshore style! It’s very impressive! Check out as he performs that insane jump with his downhill bike. Credit: suicidedownhiller New Wood Huck | Huge drop ultima modifica: 2015-02-03T15:01:30+00:00 da Andrea...