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 VIDEO  Four Wheel Riding in Whistler with Stacy Kohut
• DATE: 08/03/2015    • CATEGORY: Mountain Biking
Stacy Kohut shreds with speed the A-Line of Whistler Bike Park. He is an handicapped  rider and he rides his Four Wheel bike with style in the most famous bike park of the world. Stacy Kohut is an inspiration to all..! RESPECT! Awesome video by ChrisRicciVideo Four Wheel Riding in Whistler with Stacy Kohut...
   Noah Brousseau // Whoa, Whips, and Whistling!
• DATE: 25/02/2015    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Deity Components presents a new awesome mtb video filmed in Whistler Bike Park with Noah Brousseau. He shreds some downhill trails of this famous bikepark with his Rocky Mountain. Mountain biking video filmed and edited by  Last Light Cinema! Noah Brousseau // Whoa, Whips, and Whistling! ultima modifica: 2015-02-25T15:16:38+00:00 da Andrea...
   Justin Roy – Winter Blues | Summer of Summit Ep.3
• DATE: 21/02/2015    • CATEGORY: Summer of Summit
Episode 3 of “Summer of Summit” series with Justin Roy filmed in the mountain bike mecca: Whistler Bike Park in British Columbia, Canada! He rides his Rocky Mountain bike with an amazing style! Created by: Dylan Forbes, Mitch Gulliver, Justin Roy. Follow the official page of Summer of Summit on Facebook!...
   What You Need with Reece Wallace
• DATE: 15/02/2015    • CATEGORY: Downhill/Freeride
Alexrims, Whistler Mountain Bike Park and Pinkbike present a new awesome mountain biking video with Reece Wallace. Check out as he shreds Whistler with his Giant Glory. Reece has a great style! What You Need with Reece Wallace ultima modifica: 2015-02-15T12:01:13+00:00 da Andrea...