► THE SYNDICATE – Ep. 2 – CAIRNS World Cup 2016


Produced by Steel City Media.

Check out the episode 2 of THE SYNDICATE Project, filmed during the second round of UCI Downhill World Cup 2016 in Cairns, with Josh Bryceland, Greg Minnaar and all Santacruz Syndicate family.

After both crashed in qualifying, Josh and Greg kept it upright throughout their race runs, but a little too much on the brakes cost them valuable time on the pedal-heavy track, with Greg finishing 17th and Josh 20th. Read More

Cairns16_N3X5639 -1 -1
Photo by Sven Martin
Cairns16_N3X6628 -1 -1
Photo by Sven Martin
Cairns16_52G0142 -1 -1
Photo by Sven Martin

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